With over 10 years experience operating in the Perth market has given Mega Group a real understanding of the rental market characteristics of Perth and how much rental properties are being rented for. They have also noticed a gap in the current service offering from other property management agencies and in response to this have created 3 different levels of property management services to suit all levels of management needs.

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Who Pays The Water Bills?

Who pays for the water bills?

There's alot of learn and understand when it comes to renting. One area which confuses many people (tenant and landlord alike) is "Who pays the water bills?"

There are two types of water charges:

  • Water rates  (service charge for the supply of water to and from the property)... Read More

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Avoid These Traps And Enjoy Property Investment Success!

Many people consider owning a rental property to be a low risk option to increase their cash flow. However, a bad decision here or there or lack of planning can turn your investment into a whole lot of financial trouble... Read More

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What Do Tenants Want In 2016?

So what does it take to make potential tenants scramble over eachother to sign up for your property in 2016? Here's the top 3!

Location, Location, Location! - Heard that one before? Yes, but it is true... Read More

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